10 Reasons Why Money Is Important

Are you familiar with reasons why money is important. Many think that if there is no money, it will be difficult to win in life.

Even so, innovation and development have corroborated such claim as only those who have money find it easy to buy things that aid comfort.

Some have even lost several opportunities because they do not have the fund required to trigger the process. 

Several times, I have asked, How can we survive without money?

The importance of money is seen in the value it provides. So a denomination is more valuable than the other because of the value it provides.

Since its introduction, money has become the legal tender used to access a lot of freedom, wants, and most especially needs. Money is so valuable that we can virtually do nothing without it. 

Just as you spent money to buy a phone and subscribe to a data plan to gain access to this site, I have also used money to make this site and its available information. 

Money is so important that we need it to cater for every basic need. We need money to buy food daily, to sort a lot of bills, to provide basic amenities, and to survive without feeling bad

Now, the real question is, what can we achieve with proper coordination of money? 

Many at times, when we have more money to cater for our daily needs in abundance, we immediately forget the word broke or shortage. We keep spending until we realize the money is almost finished. At that point of realization, we begin to worry about how to save or maintain an inflow and wish we could have spent the money rightly. 

After moments of regret, we hope for another chance and begin to make promises of not repeating the same mistake. But to our greatest surprise, Mother Nature poops in some money in few months, and we go a-wool on a spending spree again, forgetting the promise we made to get it right the next time we hit it bigger. 

The problem is not the fact that there is always something to buy but that we failed to discipline ourselves in matters relating to money while growing up. While we all grew up with the mindset of making money to enjoy all that life has to offer, we forgot to master how other successful people have managed money so far in life.

However, before we can escape from our former ways of spending, we must go through some processes. 

These processes can be related to someone learning a new skill in life. To be a professional in any field, you will have to go through years of learning and mastering. For saving also, you must first go through the learning phase of making money. 

The first phase is like resuming in an office for the first time. When you do, your first days reactions will be doubtful, as if you can’t fit in that environment.

The second phase is the adaptation stage, which is like practicing and applying what you have learned on the job through formal education or skill training.

The third stage is the consistency and mastery stage. At this last stage, you must have fully gained extensive experience on the job, whether through years of learning or constant training. This is the stage that launches you into unstoppable wealth and wealth maintenance.
Nothing comes easy. Even if the money comes easy, it won’t last for long if you do not put in measures to make it last. 

Here are 10 Reasons Why Money is Important

1. To pursue your unique goals or assignments: Money is important because it makes the realization of your goals achievable. A lot of dreams have the potential to be discovered with money or lost in thought without money. Saving money for a while can help start a business that can attract a lot of local or international investors. With money, set goals can be easily accomplished. People with money have access to tap useful ideas that can solve a lot of problems. 

2. For Comfort: With money, life is easy. You can get your life goals organized for 365 days in a year without worrying. Money can be adequately used to multitask while focusing on what you enjoy the most. For instance, you can outsource some of your jobs to have a peaceful night rest.

3. For freedom: Everyone loves freedom. Everyone loves the freedom to spend money without restriction, freedom to go on vacation whenever we choose, and the freedom to meet other people’s needs without giving account to any other person. More so, prioritizing empowers us with financial freedom.

4. Investment opportunities: Money is highly important for investment opportunities. You can decide to invest in your career by attending special training or seminars to be valuable and attract more money or invest in a business with high returns. Either way, you need money to benefit from both scenarios. With some money set aside, both options can be easily achieved. 

5. To build your future: Our future is tomorrow. Money will play a vital role in the adequate planning of the future. Efficient use of any dollar we earn today can make our future more enjoyable. Some investments we made today can turn us into a wealthy person tomorrow. It is also important to plan, analyze, and execute your future savings and investment goals.

6. To give back to society: Everyone should strive to give back to society. There are so many needy people living around us. People need money to cater for basic amenities due to some unforeseen circumstance they have been battling with. When you give money back to society, you keep hope alive for someone out there. Some people need three dollars to survive per day; donating ten dollars to these people will make a lot of difference.

7. To create lovely memories: Family fun time is always good. Keeping a lot of memories within the family requires some money. Family members also appreciate the celebration of notable events in each other’s life. Events like birthday parties, wedding anniversary, baby christening, and other notable events need proper planning and adequate savings to make it memorable. 

8. To be free from debt: Having money frees you from debt and worry. A lot of people run from pillar to post to solve their money problems. But with money, you can enjoy peace of mind. 

9. Access to the best medical facilities: Imagine having someone in need of special health care service that isn’t available in their residential location or country. Such a person will need to travel to have access to the required health facilities. However, a lack of money will make that impossible. If the reverse is the case, money will give such person access to scheduled appointments with health practitioners equipped to handle the case. 

10. To experience cultural diversity: Traveling around the world for an annual or bi-annual vacation will surely cost a fortune. So to go on such vacations, you need money. With money, you will be able to experience a different culture and see the other side of the world in a different way.

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  1. I think free from debt is probably the most important. Any debt just reduces your ability to participate in some investments opportunities.

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