How To Invest $100 Fast As A Low Income Earner

When it comes to investing, it is all about risk and reward.

Investing $100 for a low income earner might be a starting point in the world of investing.

You have to be able to take calculated risk in order to grow your money overtime. A lot of people discount the power of $100. Every dollar counts when it comes to building wealth. Even small smart decisions you make with your money can have a compound effect which can grow your money in the long run.

Before you start investing, it is important to address any high interest rate debt you might have. Pay it off as soon as you can. Getting an emergency savings of 3-6 months tucked away in case of some uncontrollable events is highly essential.

In this post, we will be discussing ways to invest 100 dollars fast as a low income earner.

10 Ways to invest $100 fast as a low income earner

1. Develop investing culture: With $100 as a low income earner, you can develop the culture of investing with this amount. You can get a couple of fractional shares to invest in with $100. This is a great way to educate yourself about investing.

2. Have your own understanding of asset portfolio: Investing with a low income is a good way to understand the pros and cons of investment. Stock are considered as high risk investment, investing with 100 dollars will help you on how to navigate around the market. Nothing can beat the experience you must have gathered while learning with this amount.

3. Invest in high yield savings account: A high yield savings account is a type of savings account where you can deposit money and generally earn a higher interest rate on your deposit. This type of investment is considered a low risk investment.

4. Flip items for sale: Flipping items can have a consistent profit for a low income earner. If you know the market well or you are willing to learn how to flip things for profit, your returns will be much higher than you expected. Look for items that are listed on popular market places like Etsy or craigslist, identify underpriced items and later list them out for sale with some profits.

5. Invest in low cost ETFs: A low cost ETFs is a diversified investment that you can buy on the stock market. By buying this small fund, you are invariably owing a small percentage of everything that funds buys into. With $100 it is important to choose ETFs which price per share is less than 100 dollars.

6. Invest in index fund: An index fund is essentially a bouquet of a whole lots of different stocks and bonds. An index fund is a portfolio of stocks or bonds that tracks a particular market index. This is good for a low income earner investor with only $100 to spare. Index fund offers a lot of diversification and reduced risk.

7. Buy Individual stocks: With 100 dollars, it is good to invest on a platform that allows you to buy fractional shares. You can buy 5 stocks at $20 each or anyhow it suits your budget. Try to diversify across different companies. Before you start investing in individual stocks, it’s best to do a thorough research to maintain a good portfolio. This process can get you a learning experience of a lifetime.

8. Invest in yourself: Investing in education or tools that can help anyone make more income is actually a good use of your money as a low income earner. If you use $100 dollars to invest in a new skill and trade the new skill you acquired for money, you have made good use of your money. Education is valuable because no one can take your knowledge from you. The more education you require, the more knowledge you are going to have.

9. Affiliate marketing: You can head over to a popular website like Amazon to buy some low cost product which you can write reviews about. When you promote someone else product on social media with your affiliate link, you will be earning a commission from each sale.

10. Start a side hustle: There are list of side hustles that can cost $100 dollars or less to start. This is a wonderful use of your money. If you are able to start a side hustle, you are going to have more money coming in for you in few months.

In conclusion, risk is a really big factor when it comes to investing with $100 dollars.

You can blow your money at once if you are too risky but if you take your time to research about how to invest your 100 dollars fast as a low income earner, your money will gradually compound with the help of the points listed above.

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