To successfully learn to start living frugally, your creativity must be put to test. 

Being creative means to invent things you ordinarily won’t think about or do. It means to think outside the box without giving in to limitations and to tap into ideas to generate solutions.

Regarding your income, being creative is maximizing your potential intelligence on how to manage your income to save more money. 

While creativity in itself is good, it is important not to neglect the root behind the creativity – the mind and the brain. Most times, you think you can handle your finance without learning one or two things about crucial ways to cut costs, but that will be you deceiving yourself. No matter what it is, you need to learn right. 

Over the years, people have grown to accrue material wealth to happiness. They believe that if you do not live luxuriously, you are not living well. This mindset has cost so many people the money they could have used to propel a switch towards financial security.

Rather than channel the money they have into a proper savings account that can be invested wisely in the future, many have continued to live to meet societal standards. Securing your future is beyond living in the moment but about preparing for the future in the present. 

In this post, I will be sharing eight creative ways to save money. Some of these ways may or may not have occurred to you. Irrespective, they are great ways to cut costs and save more money for more important use. They include;

1. Live a frugal lifestyle
2. shift your mindset towards saving
3. Cut expenses on wish items
4. Always check for a free version
5. Get a detailed quote
6. Cut down fancy subscriptions
7. Prioritize household needs
8. Prioritize accountability 


1. Live a Frugal Lifestyle: Most times, people assume successful people live above their income. However, that may not be true as studies have shown that most millionaires prioritize how they spend and what they spend. Usually, they are particularly interested in their value on everything they spend their money on. Some millionaires share rooms whenever they go on business trips and don’t even see the need to build several houses for themselves. Instead, they get a comfortable apartment they can manage independently and invest more in several profitable businesses that can grow their income over time. Just as these people, you can also get creative in your savings by using your intellect to generate unique ideas on saving and earning more.

2. Shift your mindset towards saving: Before you hatch any plan, you must have first conceived the thought. The mind determines what you do and how you do things. If your mind has been focused on spending and purchasing, you will most likely forget about saving. For some years, I didn’t give some savings rule a chance to develop in my brain. Instead, I was focused on spending and buying. But immediately, I gave saving a chance in my mind; I started getting ideas on saving more and building my wealth. If you have been like me for a while, you need to pause and think about saving. Commitment towards this exercise might be difficult, but you can unconsciously stay committed by allocating some percentage of your income towards your saving goals.
3. Cut down expenses on wish items: Stop prioritizing your wish carts above your needs cart. Some people are comfortable spending a larger percentage of their income on wish items than their need list. Most times, these wish items are things you stare at in our closet. Sometimes, you have a hard time deciding where to wear these items to command more respect. Rather than get these items, save your money. If your job has a company uniform that is mandatory for all staff to wear, I don’t see a need to invest a fortune on designer clothes you might not remember to wear in a whole year. Learn to send the money you spend on these types of items into your savings box.
4. Always check for free version: Everybody wants to improve their lives one way or the other. So if you are looking to engage in self-improvement, get books to read. Check for free ones that will cost you only a download. Also, double-check your schedule before buying that book as there is no need to buy what you won’t read. Some people have lots of books on their shelves and inside their mails that they haven’t opened in a year or more due to their busy schedules. Rather than join that category, save the money used in buying these books. 
5. Get a detailed quote on what you are buying: Most times, you make the mistake of starting a project without sitting down to analyze the cost of operation. Many projects have been abandoned halfway because of a lack of projections from the beginning of the project. Having a detailed quote of what you intend to buy will restrict your expenses and help you save effectively.
6. Cut down fancy subscriptions and membership fees: Why spend so much money on fancy subscriptions that sink you in more debt when you can save and own more assets? Whether the aim of subscribing to that gym membership is to make you feel good about yourself or shed some excess weight, you should know that you can’t keep on paying for that membership fees. Rather than dedicate your income to such monthly subscriptions, you can save more by following routines on notable sites like Pinterest. Revive your savings and gear your account towards steady growth by properly managing funds. 
7. Prioritize household needs: Focusing more on what you rarely use at home can threaten other valuable household needs. So always make a list of what you constantly need at home before going to the mall for your groceries and essential household needs.
8. Prioritize Accountability: Be accountable to yourself when you make purchases. Accountability helps to track your savings and expenses records. Start cutting costs from your need intentionally by avoiding things you don’t need. Brace up and face the challenge of moving your savings goals up deliberately.


To make your saving goals rise in no time, try some or all of these tips. 

Don’t forget to share more additional creative ways to save money in the comment section. If you enjoyed the above tips, hit the share button.


Lois · July 18, 2020 at 2:36 pm

This is a very good list. Hope many will take this to heart.

Ming Qian · July 18, 2020 at 2:44 pm

I do need to cut down on some of my subscriptions. I have so many of them and I don’t know which to give up! I realize that I get more thrifty when I am working and earning an income. I tend to spend a lot more when I am studying and not earning an income. It’s strange haha! Thanks for sharing! · July 18, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    Yes you need to cut down on some of your subscriptions in order to save more money. Tanks for your comment. Do check back for more tips

Lori · July 19, 2020 at 2:23 am

Great article. It is amazing what you can get live without when you just take a moment to think about whether you really need it or not.

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